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Pigmnts can help you create visually appealing color palettes from any image on the web.

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Interactive image selection

Pigmnts browser extension allows you to point-and-click on any image on the webpage to create a color palette from it. Alternatively, Pigmnts can also extract all the images from the webpage at once, or use a direct image URL to create palette.

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Palettes based on moods

Palettes are visually appealing when they follow a specific mood. Pigmnts can generate separate palettes with Bright, Colorful, Deep, Dominant colors just from a single image! This variety makes it easy to create palettes that match every use-case.

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Export generated palettes

Once a palette is generated, it can be saved for future use or exported to other formats. Pigmnts supports quick copy and exporting to ASE, CSS, SVG, and PNG file formats.


Open source library and CLI

The core implementation of Pigmnts for image-based color palette extraction is open source and available on GitHub. The implementation is available as a library for Rust with WebAssembly support and a CLI.

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Pigmnts is supported on all modern browsers. Use it on your browser or install the Pigmnts extension for an even faster workflow.