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Buy Pigmnts once, use it forever.



  • Pigmnts browser extension
  • Pigmnts web
  • Local palette saving
  • Up-to 5 colors in a palette
  • Palettes with only Dominant mood
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  • Pigmnts browser extension
  • Pigmnts web
  • Local palette saving
  • Up-to 10 colors in a palette
  • Palettes with Bright, Colorful, Dominant, Muted, Deep and UI moods
  • Export options in ASE, CSS, SVG, PNG formats
  • Lifetime access
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Frequently asked questions

Is there any subscription or hidden charges in Pro plan?
No. Pigmnts Pro comes with lifetime access for just a one-time payment. There are no other hidden charges involved.
How do you collect payments?
Stripe and PayPal are used for processing payments. You may choose either of them based on convenience. Payment details are not stored on our servers.
Why do you want my billing address?
International payments made to Indian Stripe accounts require a valid billing address even for digital products. Payments made by Indian customers are not required to provide these details.
Do you have a refund policy?
Yes. If for whatever reason you didn't find Pigmnts Pro useful for your needs, you can receive a refund in full within 14 days of purchase.
Will I lose my saved palettes if I uninstall Pigmnts extension?
Yes. The palettes are saved on your local system where Pigmnts extension is installed and not on a cloud database. Uninstalling the extension would cause all the locally saved data to be deleted.

Tip: You may use the export options that Pigmnts provide to take a backup of the palettes you save.
Are my images stored on a server when generating palettes?
No. Images that are used to create palettes are not stored on a server. In fact the entire palette generation happens completely on your local system and no communication happens with our server in this process.
How do I reach out to you for help?
For any support related questions, you can on this page. I shall try my best to respond within 24 hours.
Can I share the palettes generated with others?
Yes, you can share the palettes generated with others. Please note that the images used to generate that palette is not by Pigmnts and you may require original author's permission when sharing their image.
How long does it take to activate the pro features?
The activation of pro features usually happen immediately once the payment is made and you have signed in within the Pigmnts extension.

In some cases, the payment make take up-to 2-5 mins to process. Once it succeeds, pro features will get activated. Please reach out if you face issues in activation.
Why do I see price in INR(₹) during checkout?
Stripe accounts in India require payments to be made in INR currency. If you are outside India and are facing issues with Stripe, try checkout with PayPal instead or for further clarifications.